Sedona City Council Meeting – Sept 22, 2015

*Must Watch sections below

In column on the right, Item 8B (Part 1): Public Comments

*Presentation by Laurie Moore (56:00) and Sandra (70:00 ) of United Citizens Opposing the Red Rock National Monument

*5 minute presentation by Ron Volkman (81:11) Manager of the Sedona Verde Valley Association of Realtors

In column on the right, Item 8B (Part 2): Public Comments

*Presentation by Dwight Kadar and Mike Schroeder of Arizona Liberty

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SEDONA – Fed GOV LAND GRAB / CONTROL – People are protesting!

Edited BPS Frontline Documentary ‘For the Good of All’ – 6 minutes

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BPS Frontline Documentary ‘For the Good of All’ – 60 minutes

“FOR THE GOOD OF ALL” is a PBS “Frontline” documentary with Jessica Savitch about land acquisition in the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area in Ohio by the National Park Service. If you want to see the damage done to a community by land acquisition and condemnation (eminent domain), this is the film for you. While “For the Good of All” examines the National Park Service, it is just as applicable to Forest Service, BLM and Fish and Wildlife Service areas. The techniques and tools the Federal agents use are the same.

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Arizona Game and Fish on the Grand Canyon Monument – June 1, 2015

The Arizona Game and Fish Commission opposes the Presidential designation of a new National Monument in the Grand Canyon Watershed. Commissioner Kurt Davis will talk about why the commission is opposed to the new national monument.

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