National Monuments Change Everything!

Facts for Concerned Citizens

This is for those who:

1. Do not want to increase traffic and maintenance of our current infrastructure without any immediate or future compensation.

2. Want to retain our volunteers and budget for park services, upkeep and rangers. We have some money. The Feds have NONE.

3. Want to keep our freedom to repair, clean up, and walk or drive to any trails, Stupa or ruins without a mandated shuttle required.

4. Want to fish in the Creeks and the Verde River.

5. Keep our senior water rights for wells, creeks and rivers. Oppose the 1.7 million acre Grand Canyon watershed National Monument.

6. Do not want our water usage restricted from our own wells.

7. Want the freedom to buy and sell our homes and vacant land when we so choose and not have to worry about being forced out through Eminent Domain Laws and low ball offers from Land Water Conservation Fund. Must have private property taxes for schools.

8. Want to repair or add a driveway, road, guest house, fence, landscape lighting, garden, chickens, new home by getting a permit for $25 – $500 instead of a NEPA STUDY FOR $50,000 TO $200,000.

9. Want each city to retain their current laws protecting our citizens and businesses, instead of bowing down to Federal Laws with one size fits all mentality.

10. Want cattle to continue to eat grasses that fuel wildfires.

11. Do NOT want Homeland Security patrolling to protect the Monument.

12. Want to come and go without gated checkpoints on all roads.
Can you imagine the traffic backup at all access points.

13. Want to tell Keep Sedona Beautiful they have no authority to run a Public Process on management of federal lands. They did not inform or invite the public to planning meetings.

Watch this hour long Frontline video to see what a small town like ours have experienced:  Frontline news special on how National Parks and Scenic Areas are used to steal homes and ranches. Laws have not changed much since the 1980s.

or watch the edited 6 minute version of the Frontline video

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Corroborating links to confirm the information above

Area – 200,000 + acres. Impacts 80,000 people in, Munds Park, Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, Wilderness Areas, Scenic Forest Lands and our State Parks

1. & 7. “This Bill maintains the 40 percent minimum funding of the federal land acquisition.” “ Bill has nothing in it addressing the issue of state funding for parks in larger metropolitan (urban) areas”. “ C) We also are disappointed to see nothing in the bill which attempts to address the lack of funding going to larger communities for local outdoor recreation.”

7. The reason why the schools have little funding in Utah is because of the National Monuments. Every time an Inholder (property owner) put a property up for sale, the government bought it and added it to the Monument land. This eventually removed 175,000 acres of land that was previously taxable. Many of those poor people were forced to sell at a lower price because they were not allowed to make improvements on their land to make it appealing.

 4. & 5. “State of Arizona in continued opposition to the creation of the proposed 1.7 million acre Grand Canyon National Monument (GCWNM)
and any other new or enlarged National Monument within Arizona.”

11. “There are concerns that some sites could be targeted by terrorists due to their symbolic nature” National Monuments are targeted.

3. Eminent Domain Land Grabs, such as the Buddhist Stupa in Albuquerque was seized in 1996, six years after Petroglyph National Monument was created all buildings were burned. Being land locked in a national monument leaves us to Eminent Domain land grabs.  See Stupa

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Article by Kathy Masters-Jaeckel