Nothing Will Change, Trust Us

Sedona – Red Rock National Monument Proposal Submitted

SEDONA — The Steering Committee of the Coalition for Permanent Protection of the National Forest in the Sedona Verde Valley Red Rock Area announced Wednesday that it has submitted a proposal for national monument designation to the President’s Council on Environmental Quality and, as is customary, to the Departments of Agriculture and Interior, in Washington, D.C.

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Note: Interesting how the article does not mention that the City of Sedona and 80% of the residents did not want the National Monument designation.

Nothing Will Change, Trust Us


Latest News About the ‘Monument’!

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Protecting Our Environment From a Monumental Threat

Sedona AZ (October 12, 2015) – Most of the people who support designating 160,000 acres of the area around Sedona as a national monument do so because they are convinced it is the best way to protect the amazing, beautiful, unique, naturally diverse character of this ecological wonder we call home.

Here’s a big problem with that: Plenty of evidence suggests that, while this action would enhance the political fortunes of its main movers, it would have an environmental effect that is the exact opposite of what all of us want.

What’s that? It would devastate the very values its supporters claim it will protect.

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The Unanticipated Consequences of a Non-Rural National Monument

There are many unintended consequences to owners of private property adjoining a National Monument, National Park, National Scenic Area, National Heritage Area or any other intensively managed federal land, more so, if said properties should become landlocked inside such a federally designated area, especially a National Monument. A National Monument is the second highest designation in the National Park System; it has the most restrictions and carries with it one of the highest levels of unintended consequences. National parks have the highest designation, and what’s more, many national monuments are eventually converted to National Parks.

Verde Valley has Been Selected for a Great Experiment

birdNot content to merely create a long list of federally owned and managed lands across America, Big Green has selected the Verde Valley to be site of the first and only cities landlocked inside a National Monument. No such area currently exists! History shows that inholders inside National Parks and National Monuments are evicted through eminent domain or forced into what is effectively theft by creation of regulations that home and property owners find too onerous and expensive, and they are therefore effectively forced to sell.

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Opposition to National Monuments
within Arizona

AZ State Rep. Bob Thorpe – The State of Arizona is opposed to the creation of the proposed 1.7 million acre Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument (GCWNM), and any other new or enlarged National Monument within Arizona.

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Open Letter to the Editor

This is a letter to the editor about Zion Canyon, and it includes every concern you have about what will happen to Sedona if it is a National Monument. The National Monument designation does not come with any federal money to cover the increased tourism. Total disaster.

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