Opposition to the Red Rock National Monument

Arizona Liberty

Arizona Liberty OPPOSES the Sedona Verde Valley Red Rock NATIONAL MONUMENT of 160,000 
acres surrounding the city of Sedona, The Village of Oak Creek (Sedona) and the State Parks 
that are within this area.

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The top 10 reasons we oppose the Sedona Verde Valley Red Rock National Monument designation:

1. National monument designations attract additional visitors and Sedona is already saturated with more visitors than roads can handle, especially Highway #179 and Oak Creek Canyon.

2. Increased use of roads, sewer, lack of parking, and traffic in residential neighborhoods will mean more maintenance costs. The federal government is not going to help out with these kinds of expenses. They are on private land.

3. This is not a legitimate public process and ‘Keep Sedona Beautiful’ has no authority to run a public process on management of federal lands.

4. KSB is attempting to fast track their proclamation past the Verde Valley/Sedona Community delivering it directly to the President’s desk hoping it will be included in the end-of-term New Monuments.

5. The public does not have enough information to make an informed decision. Our community needs more than a few short weeks to study the UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES.

6. Within the proposed boundaries all cities and towns will become private inholdings. What are the consequences to over 16,000 residents?

7. What will be the impact to the 80,000 residents of the Sedona/Verde Valley? The NM designation could cause property values to rise and bring added costs which may push families out of the area.

8. Federal reserved water rights (obtained by designating NM) are immune from state water laws. In order to retain our water rights, that has to be put into the management plan, which we know takes about three years and several thousand dollars to implement. Some of the head waters that form the Oak Creek, Beaver Creek, and Verde River are all on this monument land.

9. Competing with all other National Monuments for possible available funds and grants is not a sound plan. That is the money source KSB is depending on to bring in the revenue that gated entrances generally do for National Monuments. The last few National Monuments have not received any funding.

10. The proposed monument will control EVERY access point IN and OUT of Sedona.